The Advantages and Disadvantages of Tile Roofing


Tile roofing is designed primarily to protect the house from the rain. They are traditionally made from materials like slate or terracotta. Other modern innovations used by Alpharetta roof repair services are plastic and concrete, and some other types of clay tiles feature waterproof glaze. The tiles are commonly hung in parallel rows, with every row extend over and cover a part of the row below. It is to prevent rainwater and to protect the nails that hold the row below. There are roof tiles for particular areas, where the planes of the most pitches connect. They involve hip, ridge and valley tiles.


This roofing design has been modernized with stronger materials that look beautiful. One of them is the traditional clay tiles that are boosted for durability and great strength. Another one is the concrete tiles that are lightweight which makes them so tough at the same time easy to work with. Fiber cement tiles are the other variation which is made of clay and wood mixed into the concrete for lightweight strength. The finished tiles are coated or glazed with waterproof coating. Alpharetta roofing company experts tell some of the benefits and drawbacks of having tile roofing.


Tile Roofing Advantages


  • All tile roofing materials such as concrete, clay or fiber cement last for 50 years.
  • Tiles are a good resistance fire and insects
  • It has elegant aesthetics and increases curb appeal
  • It is manufactured in wide range of style, textures, and colors
  • Light-colored ones reflects sunlight to decrease penetration of hot air and cooling requirements
  • Tile roofing can be recycled
  • It is best for European, Mediterranean, Spanish, and other contemporary houses

Disadvantages of tile roofing:


  • Tile is heavier than almost all roofing material, and other sorts need extra framing which costs higher than most roofing materials
  • The price of tile is higher than wood, metal, and asphalt
  • Tiles may break if walked on, so repairing chimneys and other roofing issues is trickier when the roof is tile, so it is recommended to ask assistance of roof repair alpharetta professionals. 

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