TruDefinition™ Duration® Shingles with SureNail® Technology

Bold contrast. Deep dimension. TruDefinition.


TruDefinition™ Duration® Shingles are specially formulated to provide greater contrast and dimension to any roof. Through the use of multiple granule colors and shadowing, TruDefinition Duration Shingles offer a truly unique and dramatic effect. This exclusive combination of color and depth is what makes TruDefinition Duration Shingles like no other.

TruDefinition Duration Shingles are available in popular colors with bold, lively contrast and complementing shadow lines for greater dimension. They feature a Limited Lifetime Warranty,*/‡‡ 130-MPH Wind Resistance Limited Warranty* and an Algae Resistance Limited Warranty.* Beyond the outstanding curb appeal and impressive warranty coverage, they also come with the advanced performance of patented SureNail® Technology.

The SureNail® Difference—A technological breakthrough in roofing. The innovative features of Owens Corning™ TruDefinition Duration Shingles with patented SureNail Technology offer the following:

Breakthrough Design. Featuring a tough, woven engineered reinforcing fabric to deliver consistent fastening during installation.

Triple Layer Protection.™ A unique “triple layer” of reinforcement occurs when the fabric overlays the common bond of the shingle laminate layers that offers excellent fastener holding power.

Superior Adhesion. Our enhanced Tru-Bond®‡ sealant grips tightly to the engineered fabric nailing strip on the shingle below.

Excellent Adhesive Power. Specially formulated, wide adhesive bands help keep shingle layers laminated together.

Exceptional Wind Resistance. The industry’s first asphalt roofing shingle engineered to deliver 130-MPH* wind warranty performance with only 4 nails. 33% fewer nails are required for maximum warranty protection,1 which can mean fewer deck penetrations.

Is your Roofer Insured?

Taking the time to verify that your roofer is insured can save you from becoming liable for injuries to workers or others during a job or for damages to your property that may occur during roofing work. It’s important that roofers carry both workman’s compensation and general liability insurance to cover you in either situation.

Prior to hiring a roofer for work on your home or business, verify their insurance coverage by requesting an insurance certificate or contact the insurance company and have a certificate provided directly to you. The certificate will list your name and address as an additional insured on the policy, providing you the assurance that you are covered should any accidents occur.

A reputable roofer carries the insurance necessary for the job and does not pass the liability for their work onto you. Take the necessary steps to verify insurance before hiring a roofer in order to protect yourself and your property.