Atlanta Re-roofing and Repair Tips


We sometimes can’t find anyone to fix our roof problems. So, it is a good idea to manage some minor issues. Here are some basic tips that every homeowner must know from the experts of roof leak repair Atlanta.

  • Patch the holes on a flat roof – this addresses small holes with primer and patching system. Remember to dust off any loose material from the damaged area

  • Asphalt Shingle Repair – this is done by replacing pieces of asphalt shingles using roofing nails and adhesive. Laminated shingles are thicker than asphalt, so it requires longer nails or staple.

  • Flashing Leak Repair – it is repaired through flashing clips and lead sealant. Remove the dust from the joint and old mortar before applying the new one.

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When we hire roofers, it is an advantage that we know the fundamental process that they follow. Awareness about the job gives us the idea of what is going on. Roof replacement Atlanta companies give us excellent examples of basic re-roofing. First of all is to ensure the protection of all the properties like walls and plants with tarps or plywood. Next is removing the old roofing for wood decking. Inspect the wood decking thoroughly. Then prepare the roof surface, some install a drip edge, ice and water shield and roofing felt. After completing the base install the new roofing material. Finish the job with cleanup. Post-roofing inspection is essential for quality purposes.

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Roofing companies Atlanta Georgia are expert in residential roofing and commercial roofing system.  Some of them are in the industry for many decades. Long years of experience entails broad knowledge and high-accuracy in each roofing service types. Roof replacement for roofing beyond remedy. Emergency roof repairs in times of accidents or calamity. Roof painting is a solution for old repairable roofing. It addresses the leak problems and brings back the elegance of the existing roof. Other services offered are window replacement, gutter installation, and siding installation. Duff Roofing and Restoration here in Atlanta has 24/7 customer service for repairs. We make sure you are completely satisfied before accepting the payment.




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