Do you know the roof installation process? Even if you have hired the Roofer decatur or planning to do it on your own you should know the steps of roof installation. You should understand the needs perfectly. You should think whether you would have to consider the maintenance of the roofs or you should hire roof replacement roswell for replacement of roofs. You should understand what your needs are and based on it, the decision should be made. You should have the complete understanding of the steps of roof installation.  In this article, we will detail out a few steps that are involved in the roof installation process.

What are the steps of roof installation?

  • If replacing, remove the old roof
  • Evaluation of the roof
  • The protection layer
  • The step of drip edge

If replacing, remove the old roof- If it is the replacement the old roof should be removed and kept in the proper place.  There are some roofers who will add the new layer above the old roof which is not the right move. If the roof is replaced without removing the old roof it may lead to further damages than protection. Layering one above another is not a time-saving method if you think long term.

Evaluation of the roof- once removing the old layer, you should check the sheathing. The sheathing of a roof is something that provides the support.  You should look for issues and troubleshoot it before the replacement.

The protection layer- if there are any storms or ice issues, you should install something called water barrier. This will be installed on the roof, and mainly on the bottom edge as it may build ice. By installing the protection layer, the stability and the strength of the roof can be increased.

The step of drip edge- there are two parts when it comes to drip edge. The lower part is considered before the sides of the roofs. The main reason why drip edge is installed is to prevent water from flowing all over. This particular process will be carried out by the roofers in the proper ways. However, as the homeowners, it is important for you to know these steps, so then, you will get the better exposure and understanding about the roofs.

Actually, you may wonder that steps of roof installation are not your concern. Well, it is true that steps of installation are not your concern but how will you understand your needs without knowing for what roof replacement is done and for what roof maintenance is done. If you are aware of these steps of installation you will be able to make a sound decision. There are many homeowners who focus on roof replacement without having the need for it. The main reason why the homeowners are not aware of their needs is that they don’t understand the whole concept of roof installation. If you are aware of the procedure it will be easy to decide what should be done and what should be ignored.

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