Steps to Building a Hipped Roof Alpharetta

Do it yourself project is not as easy task as you expected but if you want to build your roof here are the following steps you must follow to succeed creating it:


Alpharetta roof rafters

  1. Get the length of your common roof rafters, hip rafters and ridge beam permitting room toward the finish of the common rib and hip rafters for the edge shaft to fit.

  1. Measure the common rib as indicated by your desired pitch, or point, of the rooftop.

  1. Slice the rib to estimate. You need to have enough common rafters so that there is one each 20 inches along the dividers. On a basic rooftop over a rectangular working, there will be four hip timber and one edge board.

  1. Measure the length of your jack rib.

  1. Slice the jack rib to size and place one each 20 inches along the dividers. Jack timber interface hip beam to the dividers.

  1. Stamp along the dividers the spots where the common beam, hip beam, and jack timber will be secured.

  1. Place the regular beam in their assigned positions and lift the edge bar to the right height.

  1. Nail it to the edge bar.

  1. Secure these to the divider utilizing roof joists for additional help. The necessary beams and side bar should now stand positively without anyone else.

  1. Nail the hip beam to the edge shaft and secure them to the sides of the dividers utilizing roof joists for additional help.

  1. Put the jack crossbeam to the hip beam and secure them to the dividers by nailing into it.

  1. Measure and slice plywood sheathing to cover all countenances of the rooftop.

  1. Leave additional room at the base edges of the sheathing with the goal that the roof hangs over the dividers.

  1. Put to the plywood sheathing to the timber by nailing it.


  1. Append any additional roofing materials as wanted.



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