Most Generally Used Types of Roof Rafters


Roof rafters are series of structural sloped that extend from the ridge to wall plate which is designed for the ceiling deck. It is used to build the complex roof. In this article, you will know some of the types of roof rafters.

Alpharetta roof rafters

Common Rafters – Are found in all routinely surrounded rooftops and keep running from an external divider as far as possible up to the edge board. They are utilized to set the tallness and focus the edge board in the traverse. After the sideboard area has been built up the hip and valley rafters area would then be able to be set up.


Alpharetta roof rafters

Hip Rafters – 45-degree angle to be placed from the corner of the building to the ridge.

Hip Jacks – It sat on the outside walls and ran after hip rafters.

Valley Rafters – it is placed in the corners and is also 45-degree angle.

Cripple Jacks – It is used for a valley, and hip is located together.

Flying Hip – it is also known as “mystery hip” go from where a valley rafter meets the end of a ridge.

Compass Rafter – it is a curved on the top.

Curb rafter – The upper rafter in a curb

Butt rafter – it is a smaller beam joined to butt purlin.

Knee Rafter – Bend a few feet typically from the foot to gain attic space.



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There are many types of rafters. It depends on the location, shape, size, or size. You can avail this in stores that offer roofing supply. They have a variety of supplies of rafters for your roof. You just have to ask for what you need or ask for delivering your materials ordered. When you didn’t have a car for getting that kind of roofs. You just ask for any discounts so that you can save money and buy any materials needed for your roof in your house.




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