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The roof is essential in our house. Without it, the structure of a house cannot be completed. A home is not complete without roofing. The roof has a lot to offer. When it comes to weather changes. It protects us from the heat, the snow, and the rain because of heavy storms. If there is no roof, a home cannot be said as a home because every pillar is necessary. So our roofs should be given importance by providing value and maintenance to keep our family safe and secure with weather changes. There’s a lot of types of roof that will be discussed in this articles including the pros and cons of it.



Types of roof

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Hipped Roofs have slopes on each four sides which are all equal in length. Its pros are that it is more stable than gable roofs. Its four sides make the roof more durable and sturdy. You can trust this roof during snow and mighty wind. Its slope allows the water and snow to slide off. It has extra living space. However, it has cons which are more expensive than gable roof because of its more complex designs that need more building materials. If there will be dormers and is not correctly installed or not properly flashed, built in the hip roof, there are possible leaks around the dormers.


Gabled Roof Frames also do have pros and cons. First, let’s know what about Gable Roof. It is also known as peaked roof because of its triangular shape. It is considered as one of the most popular in the United States and quickly recognized. So here it goes the pros, snow and water can be easily removed, it has more space for the attic, ventilated, easier to install and cheaper. For the cons, its major problem is when storm and winds occur when frames are not adequately built, it can collapse, it can detach from the walls, so it is advisable to properly construct and make sure that it is safe during strong typhoons.



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