Difference Between Shingles and Shakes Installations

roofing contractorThere are a lot of sorts of roofing designs that we have today installed by selected roof replacement roswell firms. We can see advertisements on posters, television, on the internet, or check the stores for current stocks available. Choosing a roof material is essential, and it should not be put without proper procedure. Wood roofing products have a natural beauty. Redwood, cedar and cypress pine are some of the people’s choice. We have two known wood roofing types; these are the shingles and shakes. The shingles are machine-cut. It has neat edges and smooth surface. The other one is wood shakes that are hand-cut made from wood blocks and is thicker than shingle which costs higher.

Roofing RoswellAdvantages and disadvantages

Neat shingles and rustic shakes are the typical options for wood roofing designs. The redwood and cedar have oils which are an excellent resistance from moist and insects. Treated wood shingles have a Class A resistance to fire. Roofing specialist roswell has proven that wood shakes typically can last up to 10 years more than asphalt. That is probably the reason why it’s more expensive than shingles. Wood roofing products have twice more insulation capability than asphalt shingles. Wood shakes and shingles are produced using salvaged trees. Manufacturers use trees fallen by typhoon or trees that are very old. These products are recyclable and can be used as fertilizer, mulch or wood chips. It gives a vibrant effect to architectural designs like that of cottages or lodges. Non-treated roof shingles are categorized as Class C fire resistance. Wood shakes, and wood shingles are more expensive in the treated state. Wood roofs are prohibited in areas that have frequent fire cases. Shingles and shakes that are non-treated require high maintenance. It needs constant cleaning to avoid algae or moss build up. Removing debris enables the wood to breathe comfortably. Faulty installation of these roofing materials will quicken the deterioration. Water leaks frequently occur in do it yourself roofing projects. Wood roofs are durable, but the restoration costs a lot of money, so be sure to plan and know the benefits and risks by consulting the roswell commercial roofing companies or expert residential roofers.

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