How Strong is Your Roof?

Flat roofEvery roof material has a unique strength which will determine how long it will stay. The climate can be a guide for selecting the proper roof to put in. If the roof system installation fails, the entire house might be in great danger. Durability must be the top priority when considering a roof installation; stylish appearance is just secondary. Safety is better than a pleasant looking facade. Prevent using low-quality materials because it may lead to more bigger problems. Consult the experts what materials should be used because house design also matters in choosing appropriate roofing. Some components are recommended for high slopes. Some products work well with flat roofing system. Don’t hesitate to hire Atlanta roofing specialists because they guarantee safety and customer satisfaction as Duffy roofers do.

The general roofing strength can last only for 1 to 3 decades. Regular checkups and safekeeping can add more years to it and save some dollars in your pocket. Roof painting service can build more strength to the existing roof and endure weather challenges. It will safeguard the rooftop from deterioration and replacement. Applying sealant and paint on spaces of joining surfaces will add length to its years. Roof cavities must not be put aside because eventually it will be twice bigger than before and rain may fall directly to the interiors. Roof leak repair Atlanta firms have tested that high slanted roofing tends to have a long life. Roofs that are colored dark absorbs a high amount of heat that shortens its natural limit. The ones that get more sunlight deteriorates fast. That’s why those roofs exposed longer to the south have fewer years.

Fiber Glass Roof AtlantaRoofing companies Atlanta Georgia these days have advanced into interesting products. The right choice for roofing materials will determine how secure the roofing system will be. Residential roofing is typically built from asphalt, rubber, wood, metals, mud tile, and slates. On the other hand, the commercial roofing uses, thermoplastics, rubbers, fiberglass, bitumen (made of felts, fabric or mats), solar panels, and metals. Here are some of the roofing materials and their estimated limitations.

  • Asphalt Shingles – up to 10 years
  • Composite shingles – up to 50 years
  • Wood shingles – up to 25 years
  • Metal – up to 50 years
  • Wood shake shingles – up to 40 years
  • Tiles – 100 years
  • Slate – 100 years and above

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