How to Compute the Slope from a Pitch? Alpharetta Georgia


You can learn from this article on how to calculate the slope manually.

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  1. Assure the roof is safe to walk on. Move up a ladder without your equipment to investigate the roof surface. Try not to walk on a wet or frigid rooftop; an extremely slope roof or one with worse damage. Indeed, even a mellow incline can be risky to stroll on if the roofing material is tricky like slate shingles, loose like worn composite shingles, or loose like wood shakes or any broken shingles.It’s best to walk on a rooftop when the sun is out and morning dew has vanished.


  1. Measure 12 inches on a woodworker’s level. Stamp the length with the marker. Many levels are provided with a ruler as a review; however, this stamp is more evident.


  1. Sort out your gears. Place the level, a measuring tape, paper, and pen in a container or tool belt. Ensure you can climb the ladder and move around efficiently while conveying the devices.


  1. Place one end of the level facing the rooftop. Rotate it up or down until the point that the level vial’s air pocket is between the two lines.


  1. Measure the vertical separation from roofing panel to level. Hold the 0-characteristic of the measuring tape against the rooftop. Broaden it upward, so it is opposite to the level. Move the measuring tape along the rooftop until the point that it hits the level at precisely the 12-inch stamp. Note the vertical separation on the measuring tape and record this esteem.

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  1. Compute the rooftop incline. Compose the roof slope as the proportion of ascending over run, or vertical separation over even separation. For instance, if your measuring tape found a 6-inch vertical separation to the 12-inch check on your level, the slant is 6:12 or 6 of every 12. But if you find it hard to compute, you can consider calling licensed roofers for you.



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