How to Handle Roof Leaks


A leaky roof can be a challenge to repair as pinpointing the source of the problem can be a time-consuming process. Despite this difficulty, resolving the matter quickly is important in order to prevent costly consequences. Even a small leak can cause extensive damage to your home if left unresolved.


The good news is that most roof leaks are easily corrected. Experienced roofers such as the team at Duffy will explore all possible issues that may be contribute to a leak. We will check around common culprits such as roof vents and other roof penetrations for holes or cracks. We’ll look for problems with the flashing or for holes or imperfections in the roof and make the necessary repairs. Oftentimes these small solutions are enough to fix a roof leak, and will also prevent new leaks from occurring in the future.


If these solutions do not fix the leak, or if the leak has gone untreated for some time, more extensive repairs may be needed. Untreated roof leaks can lead to damage to the roof rafters and insulation. These problems are more costly and complicated to fix as it may be necessary to replace the entire affected area of the roof and possibly windows in that section of the home. Replacing damaged flashing around chimneys can also become a complex project. You can be sure that our roofing team has the knowledge and expertise to carry out any size repair job with skill. We will recommend the appropriate solution for your particular roof.Alpharetta roof repair

How to fix leaks with a Roofer

In some cases, leaks that appear to be coming from the roof are really due to imperfections at another source, such as around dormer windows or at the corners of the home’s siding. Cracks or knotholes in other areas of siding can also be the culprit.


Enlisting the help of Duffy’s professionals will not only save you time, but may also save you money as you can be sure that we will address the true origin of the leak. Our honest professionals will never recommend unnecessary work and will treat your roof as if it were our own.


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