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Regardless of whether your roof is two years of age or twenty years of age, you should review your roof each spring, and if you live in snowy areas, do second examination check in the fall. The best maintenance you can do to expand the necessary existence of your roof is to perform semi-yearly assessments and distinguish issues when they arise. Your home’s roof takes more mishandled from the climate and components than some other element of your home. Protection maintenance saves cash and gives you a more shelter benefit life. Your roof might need roof shingle repair, or need a replacement. Here are some points you can consider doing.




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  • Annual spring roof checks up – You need to check your roof in the spring for any element that may cause damages.
  • Moss Growth Prevention – Check for moss because it can also damage your roof.
  • Mold, Algae, and fungus Prevention – Also one of the elements that can cause damage to your ceiling
  • Roof Gutter Maintenance – Gutters might be clogged with leaves, branches, or any things that can cause the drain from clogging.
  • Roof Shingles, Tiles, and Slates Maintenance – there might be missing, damaged, slates, or tiles.
  • Roof Drainage – Better check your drainage once or twice a year, check if water is not stock anywhere.
  • Chimney Maintenance – You should not forget your chimney. It requires roofing contractors to do this kind of job.

Using Binoculars while checking rooftop

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Binoculars are the most secure approach to check your rooftop. By and large, you can see all that you have to deal starting from the earliest stage. If you can, utilize a window cleaning brush to achieve overhang, joinery and divider cladding. If ever that you do need to use a ladder to investigate and clean parts of your roof, ensure the ladder is taller than the roofline by no less than two feet. That way, if the stairs slide off, it will even now stay on the roof line. Additionally, in case that you drive along stake orbit of rebar into the ground behind the step, this will keep it from sliding in reverse while you are on it. Never hang over the side of an action to achieve different parts of the rooftop. Get down and move the ladder and it’s better if you search on roofing websites for assurance.


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