The Several Types of Roof for your Home

alpharetta roof types

Roofs vary from time to time from different areas. Variety of designs, styles, shapes, and colors exist in roofing supply so that you can avail the needs of structure in your house. Different roof types have different advantages for protection against weather like snow, winter, summer, and storms.


Here are the common types of the ceiling:

alpharetta roof types

  • Gable Roof

Gable roof design is one of the simple styles among the roofs.It looks like an inverted/upside down V, but it is not ideal for areas that are always affected by high winds.

  • Flat Roof

It is common in commercial buildings. It is the most simple roof because they have no pitch.

  • Hip Roof

It is the standard residential style roof. It is more difficult compared to gable roof and flat roofs because they have a different kind of roof rafters.

  • Gambrel Roof

Most commonly known as barn roof because it is used in barns but it can also be in residential construction. It has more space that can be utilized in the additional bedroom.

It is a roof with a small gable in the end for ventilation.alpharetta roof types

  • Shed Roof

A flat roof with more pitch. It is used as additives for the structure of roof styles.

  • Mansard Roof

It is a french design and harder to install than hip or gable roof.

  • Butterfly Roof

It is not popularly used because it is not adequate for water drainage, but it provides plenty of light and ventilation.

  • Winged Gable Roof

It is somewhat similar to a traditional gable roof.

  • A-Frame Roof

Prevalent type in churches, homes, cottages, and other structures. It acts as a ceiling and walls as well.

  • Folded Plate Roof

It has limited use in family homes. It is like small gable roofs, which are side by side


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