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roofer atlantaAtlanta roofing restoration is about repairs, replacement, and other additional tasks. The common residential roof component is shingles. Asphalt, wooden shakes, slate, and metal are the best options for houses. Asphalt shingles promise low price and easy to install. It comes in beautiful designs and colors ideal for different house styles.

  • Roof maintenance is the key to the long-lasting roof.
  • Repairing dents and small holes will stop the rain from leaking inside the house.
  • Old, hard caulks should be removed and reapply sealant if necessary.
  • Advanced roofing systems have gutter toppers to avoid debris buildup that causes leakage.
  • Replace broken and missing shingles to protect the roof frames.


Atlanta skylineAtlanta is one of the homes of Duffy Roofing and Restoration Company. We provide complete services from residential to commercial roofing upgrades. The commercial roofing companies in Atlanta are tested and proven for any types of roofing like:

  • Asphalt Shingles – easiest roofing material to install
  • Wood Shingles – natural insulation/ eco-friendly
  • Composite Roofing – flame resistant
  • Slate Roofing – elegant stone roofing
  • BUR – less maintenance for its multiple layers
  • Corrugated Roof/Metal Roof – can last up to 50 years; recyclable
  • TPO Roofing – outstanding in leak resistance
  • EPDM Roofing – excellent resistance from UV rays
  • Photovoltaic Solar Panels – converts solar energy into electricity
  • Tri-thermal roofing – maximum waterproofing protection
  • Modified Bitumen Roofing – Highly reflective, durable and easy to apply

Roof, Home Interior, and Exterior Painting Services

Surrounding roof companies here in Georgia has painting services. Their old roof repairs and replacements are the best. Their roof repaint service can spare the current roof from replacement. It makes the roofing enhancements faster because there’s no need to strip off the old ones. The holes are patched with roof cement or sealant. Thin hair-like gaps between surfaces will be covered by good quality paints for better leak protection. Duffy painting services are expert in home interiors and exteriors, as well as the roof, recoloring. They have machinery and tools to reach the farthest areas of a house. The company received multiple awards for the quality of services they apply. Home makeover for everyone is now available at an affordable cost.

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