This is a topic that’s not commonly talked about, as people who have been the target of a roofing scam will be too embarrassed to share the information. Since a roof replacement Roswell location is going to be one of your most expensive home improvement expenses in your lifetime, it’s also something that the criminal can prey upon too. And even if you need roof repair Roswell services, you should still be weary.

Here are a few things to be aware of before you hand over that big check.

The first problem involves scam artists showing up at your home after a bad storm, offering to fix your roof. They 100% want a check from you immediately. They’ll take it, with a promise they’ll return the next day, but then don’t. They may also have handed you a business card that looks legit.

It’s important to check out a roofing company before hiring them. You can search online to see if they have a website, and that all employees really do work there. Find out if they’re licensed and certified to work in that state. Do they have employees, or do they have “subcontractors” who aren’t insured? You also want to find out if they have liability insurance.

Once you’ve established that a business is legit, your next task is to find out if they are experienced roofers. There may be tradespeople who have experience in one aspect of the construction or renovations industry—siding, painting, or building—but know little about how to install a roof. They may be trying to fill in time until their next job, and think that doing someone’s roof is a good way to fill the time. While their intentions may be honest, it can lead to heartaches if they don’t know what they’re doing.

When you talk to a roof replacement Roswell salesperson, they should be knowledgeable, helpful, and have excellent listening skills. If the salesperson turns aggressive, this is a red flag. Show them to the door.

Do not make a down payment on building materials. Professional roofers have the cash flow to buy your building materials. You’ll be signing a bound contract. You may be required to make a small payment after a day at the job, but don’t send money in advance before they’ve even begun the job.

Be sure to ask for references before hiring roof repair Roswell services. Then, go to these locations to see for yourself. If you’ve liked what they’ve done, then you can consider hiring them. See if you can actually speak to the owner too, just in case you’re given a phoney reference.

Be sure to read all contracts from beginning to end. There should be a breakdown of all costs, including labour and materials, and the timeframe involved.

By now you understand the importance of hiring quality roof replacement Roswell contractors. Please give Duffy Roofing & Restoration a call, as we never disappoint!

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