If your house is ready for new roof installation in Georgia, you may wonder how to begin. A new roof may involve new shingles, ridge caps, gutters, and vents. This is one home renovation that you won’t want to tackle yourself. Many people are scared of heights and don’t have the balance to stand on a roof, or carry heavy loads up and down ladders several times a day.

When beginning your search, check with friends and neighbors in Georgia who’ve had their homes re-roofed in the past year or so. Find out if they’re happy with their new roof, and if so, who they hired. If you can, drop by their house to check out the roofing job. Does their roof look good? Have there been any issues, including leaks? If they’re pleased with their new roof, add the roofing company to your list.

A good roofing company will book appointments for late spring to early summer, and early fall. It’s important to avoid the times when there may be extreme temperatures. This is because the shingles may not stick together.  This doesn’t help with quality roof installation, as they can become damaged during a bad wind storm. The adhesive strips can also falil on the shingles. The roof underlayment can become sticky and difficult to work with if it’s too hot.

When searching for roof installation in Georgia you should know that a good roofer owns all their own tools. But if you simply hire a handyman to do your roof, likely he is renting the equipment. This means that it may be old, or not work properly. But a top rated roofer in Georgia will own the latest and best equipment to get the job done right.

A top rated roofer is also aware if you need special permits to replace your roof. And since most cities have noise bylaws, roofing can only be done at certain times of the day, and days of the week. The last thing you need is to have a city inspector show up at your house and declare that your roofers must cease work because the proper permits weren’t obtained, or that they shouldn’t be working late into the evening. But a top rated roofer in Georgia understands the rules and will ensure the roofing job conforms to them.

You’ll need to book an appointment with a high-quality roofing company so that an estimate can be obtained. Never accept a quote over the telephone! Chances are these are fly-by-night operations that are only interested in your cash and not doing a good job.

Your house’s roof is not a place that you want to scrimp on. Roof installation in Georgia is an experienced trade best left to the professionals. Duffy Roofing & Restoration is a quality roofing company that can provide you with an accurate estimate to get your roofing repair and installation done well. We invite you to contact us today for an estimate! Soon you’ll breathe a sigh of relief knowing that your family’s health and wellbeing is protected.

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