You may not know your roof is leaking until it drips down into your living room or other room in your home. There may also be other signs that include water stains on your ceiling or walls. But finding the source of a leaky roof can be tricky. Even if you do a visual inspection of your roof, you may see no missing shingles or damage that could cause a leak. If you’re not ready to replace your entire roof, you may still need to call a roof leak and roof repair service.

It’s important to fix that leak immediately, otherwise, mold can develop in your home. Your entire structure can be at risk. It may seem like a big expense to call in a roofing company, such as Duffy Roof, but we can actually prevent even bigger issues from happening in the future.

Over time, a roof leak can cause rotted framing and sheathing, and destroy your insulation, ceilings, and walls.

You may be curious how we find roof leaks. Sometimes it’s simple, sometimes it’s takes a bit of investigation first. We begin by looking at the roof that is uphill from the stains. We start from outside, and see if there area any roof penetrations.

These are items that have gotten into your roof. They can be some form of plant debris or branches, even pebbles. One of the most common reasons for roof penetration is from foreign objects getting under the shingles.

Leaks almost never occur on a line of uninterrupted shingles. The regions that offer the most common issues are around gutters, roof vents, plumbing, dormer windows, or chimneys. Basically, anywhere that objects can get caught and stuck.

Even if there is damage on one part of the roof, the resulting leak can be several feet to the right or left of of it. This is because the water gets beneath the shingles and may journey a ways before it finds another crack in the ceiling.

If your house has an attic, we’ll head up there with a flashlight for further clues. There could be water stains, black marks, or even mold on walls, ceiling, or floor. But if the ceiling is vaulted, this is much more difficult, and often the only way to find the fault is from the outside.

We may also use tricks to find the leaks. Something as simple as running a garden hose on a spot we think is the cause for the leak can simplify the process.

A roof leak and roof repair can be an emergency situation in Atlanta, particularly during winter. It’s important to call Duffy Roofing & Restoration to come in and take a look. We have the experience to find the exact source of roofing leaks, and we can quickly and competently get your roof fixed so that the structure of your home stays intact.

Please give Duffy Roof a call today to book an appointment. Once the source of your roof’s leaks are fixed, your family will be able to live in comfort.

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