Is your house’s roof starting to look old and beginning to leak? There’s a point where you can only do so much patching before it needs to be completely replaced. If you’ve decided that it’s time to replace the old roof you may be a bit puzzled about how to get a roof replacement estimate. Let our short roofing guide help you out.

When providing estimates, you’ll notice that they can be vastly different in price. This is because replacing a roof isn’t as straightforward as replacing flooring in a 400 square foot room. This is because different types of materials can cost a different price per square foot. It can also be based on difficulty.  Different roofs have different slope angles. There may also be other materials required at time of installation, such as new gutters, and ice and water shields at eaves.

Some have dormer windows, chimneys, and vents that must be considered. And of course you have your pricing for labour and installation too—some roofing companies have an excellent reputation so they can charge a bit more for their service.

All of these factors can affect your price. So, you can see that it’s considerably harder to provide an accurate estimate on a roof, than for flooring that’s fairly straightforward.

Other factors that will affect your roof replacement estimate include what types of materials were originally on the roof, and how hard they are to remove. Some homes have two or three layers of old roofing materials that must be removed before the new roof can be placed. They’ll also need to be disposed of. The surface will then need to be cleaned off and new underlayment will need to be installed.

There may also be specific local building code requirements that can affect your estimate if there are extra steps required in the installation process. There are also building permits that need to be obtained, which may differ in price from city to city.

Even something as simple as geographical location can affect the pricing of the roofing materials. Some states have lower roofing prices depending on supply and demand.

You may be wondering about actual costs. Well, these are only ballpark estimates, but the typical ranch-style house in Atlanta will have about a 15 to 20 square foot surface that can cost from $5000 to $8000 for a basic roof replacement, while a higher-end job, such as a metal roof, can cost up to $14,000. You can see how costs can vary over all these factors.

We don’t believe in cutting corners or providing shoddy materials, as your house’s roof is one of the most essential components of a house that protects the structure, and keeps your family warm and dry.

Are you ready to get a roof replacement estimate? Please contact Duffy Roof today. We’d be happy to book an appointment, and take the time to get you the most accurate roof estimate possible.

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